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My questions are

1) If you could be either Sweet, Salty or Sour what would you be and why?
well, i have a pretty deadly sweet-tooth and i’d say i’m a reasonably sweet person, so i’ll go with sweet???

2) When do you think you are the most beautiful? (You can’t answer NEVER so choose one)
either when i’m reading (i like my thoughtful face ngl) or when i cry because sometimes i cry really prettily :’)

3) If you were a type of book what genre would you be?
poetry i think, because i use a lot of words to say very little, and i’m a very emotional person

4) You walk into a room what catches your attention a dusty Vinyl, typewriter, Polaroid camera or a glass of water and why?
the typewriter - i love typewriters, especially old ones, because i love anything with a history and a story behind it, like who owned it, what they wrote and who before them etc. plus i could use it :’)

5)Tell me one thing you are proud of? (You HAVE to say one thing you can’t be like “Errrrm I am not proud of anything I’ve done”)
erm, i’m proud of how well i’ve dealt with certain things that have happened in my family recently. i think i’ve matured a lot and i’m proud of myself for seeing things from a more adult perspective~

6) Why do you love your bias? (Don’t name them just say why you love them it can be one or 100 biases doesn’t matter)
first bias - he’s been an underdog since day one, he’s weird as frick & idk i relate to him
second bias - he’s so passionate its almost scary, and hes insanely beautiful
third bias - he’s sincere and lovely and just makes me so happy :c  

7) The first thing you think of when you hear (Insert bias name here)?

8) What is friendship? (Your personal opinion)
rare, wonderful and a commitment, you have to really care about and be comfortable with each other~

9) What is the most beautiful thing in this world?
the expression of genuine emotion, whether its happy or sad~

10) What does KPOP represent in your life?
honestly, these days, its sort of escapism… i mean, i’ve come to be pretty cynical about the whole affair but it just makes me happy. it sounds silly but watching these revered people do give their everything to satisfied is so humbling and really put things in perspective? plus it’s lighthearted fun, there’s always something to look forward to.
most importantly, it’s given me some of the best friends i’ll ever make and i’m so thankful for that, ilu guys ;A;

11) Anything you want to say to me?
no because you smell. no but srsly i love you sweetie you are the greatest and i’m so lucky to have you~

im lazy so im not adding qs or tagging anyone \o/ unless you want to do it :’D

D e s t i n y 

Living Between the Yesterdays by ourhandsfroze

“What if,” Kyungsoo says, looking anywhere but at Chanyeol. There’s a dim glow from outside that lights up parts of Chanyeol’s expectant face that Kyungsoo doesn’t want to see. He can see it, anyway, if he closes his eyes. “What if this is all a redo? Like, say I’ve done this before,” Kyungsoo says.

“Man, Kyungsoo,” Chanyeol says after a moment, the clock tower bell sounding oddly like church bells today, loud and hollow. “You’re so smart,” he says, and Kyungsoo can’t help smiling a bit, pulling Chanyeol closer with a soft tug of his wrist. Chanyeol slings his arm around Kyungsoo this time, resting it under Kyungsoo’s head and playing with the ridge of Kyungsoo’s ear.

“You’re so smart that sometimes, you’re just crazy.” Kyungsoo laughs out loud at that, and Chanyeol grins as if proud of his little reaction. Some ten years ago or so, Chanyeol had loved a lot of things about Kyungsoo.

Now, he mumbles, “But that’s why I love you.”

That’s why I love you.

mcountdown backstage: chanyeol, d.o, suho, kris

(exo x got!au) luhan as jojen reed

you’re my no.1

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